Friday, December 31, 2010

Totems: Ant

Ants are well known and have been pests to many people. The ant is known to come in many shapes and forms along with being found across the globe.

This insect teaches to thinking for our future but also the value of preparing for it. Stockpiling is another lesson, as people prepare for the future some things will need to be stockpiled, for people it may be money or even food, for the ant it is food and liquids. The future in itself is pretty important and it can even be viewed that being prepared for this future is very much needed.

Teamwork is also important, we see ants do it, we see many social animals such as dogs and even humans do it. The thing is, while things can be done on their own and sometimes has to be done alone, teamwork can greatly reduce the time it is done it plus make whatever is being worked on a lot easier to deal with. It is this working together that proves to work so well for survival.

The power of work is apparent. Ants will work hard for their communities, ensuring not only their own survival but of the whole colony. Getting along with co-workers is also another message, ants are not fussy about what they have to do, they do what they need to do for the good of all and getting along with who you work with is very much needed.

Patience and self-sacrifice is also something to learn from the ant. They do pretty much sacrifice themselves for the better of all, working hard to get what is done. Patience is due to the fact that with work you will have to wait for certain results and that can be quite a while in itself..

Offering to the ant really depends on the kind of ant your totem is. Ants generally love sweets things such as sugar but ants are also known to eat whatever they can find which means things such as meat, eggs, fruit and vegetables.

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