Friday, December 24, 2010

Totems: Cassowary

The cassowary itself is described as the most dangerous bird on the planet and it is well known for its importance in rain forests. These birds are known to be five to six feet tall and weigh around seventy kilograms.

The power of strength and self defence is of an important lesson of the cassowary, such a bird is known for its strength and quick temper. Cassowary’s are also known for their ability to defend themselves, and one’s ability to defend one’s self is important. The cassowary also teaches to go though an obstacle, to use one’s strength to go right through it. After all, why go around a problem when you can face it head on?

Female cassowary’s, after laying its eggs shows no interest in looking after the eggs. It is the male who builds the nest, incubates the eggs and looks after the chicks for about a year before chasing the chicks off to fend for themselves. It is the basis in this that the cassowary teaches the power of being a parent, that both parents must help in some way or form of looking after the kids even if one does more work doing so.

The cassowary is said to have three kinds of wisdom, of prehistory, of the rainforest and of the earth. Prehistory as it can be viewed as a living proof of evolution, of the earth as this bird does so much for it by scattering many seeds and of the rainforest as it inhabits such a place. The cassowary may very much advise to learn of such things or even teach about it. The home of cassowary’s is the rainforest and sadly it is the rainforests which are disappearing, one lesson is the importance of defending of one’s home and of forests.

When offering to the cassowary keep in note that such a bird mainly eats fruit, but will eat fungi, frogs, rats and other birds occasionally.  It is best to offer the cassowary fruit due to this being a large part of its diet.

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