Monday, December 27, 2010

Eight Immortals: Cao Guojiu

Cao Guojiu is one of the Eight Immortals and referred to as Royal Uncle Cao who is actually the newest but not youngest member of the Eight Immortals. Cao Guojiu is actually the brother of Empress Dowager Cao plus an uncle to an emperor and seen to represent nobility. Cao Guojiu can be distinguished as he wears a cloth cap and often seen holding a jade tablet (which is his talisman that can purify the environment, it also permit’s him an audience with the emperor). Sometimes Cao Guojiu is pictured with a pair of clapper castanets. Cao Guojiu personally takes patronage of actors.

It is said there Cao Guojiu is a shy man who is uninterested in politics despite his nobility, and has a brother who exploits his position by murdering as people won’t arrest him due to his nobility. Cao Guojiu tried to council his brother about his poor behaviour but failed, Cao Guojiu left in disgust and took residence in a cave cultivating his conduct. After some years he was visited by two men, Lu Dongbin and Zhongli Quan (another two of the Eight Immortals) who questioned Cao Guojiu and awarded him immortality.
Some say that Cao Guojiu tried to kill his brother for killing a man and marrying the widow but ended up in prison. Upon getting out of prison Cao Guojiu mended his ways and eventually became immortal.

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