Friday, December 10, 2010

Totems: Fly

Fly totems are something I haven’t really heard about but such a totem is around. Fly totems are also considered to have courage, and people with such a totem are said to often be overconfident as well as going into danger without thinking.

The fly teaches quick action and reacting quickly to achieve results.  If you look at a game such as Assassin, quick action is needed to “kill” others and you need to react quickly to when somebody tries to “kill” you so you can win. Life can be seen as similar to Assassin seeing as quick action and quick reaction will be needed suddenly, but also useful to gain results.
The fly also teaches the ability to multiply prosperity by huge rates, and this goes well with the quick acting and responding to get results.

Flies tell of patience, detachment and of minding your own business. All three are important, patience as everyone will have to wait sometime or later for whatever reason and detachment can help seeing as you likely will not have what you possess in the future. Minding your own business is major as some people won’t and whoever has experienced others not minding their business knows how annoying it is.

The power of eyesight and extended awareness is also told of. We know of the many eyes of the fly, and the many eyes are indeed useful. Flies do have plenty of awareness making it easier to notice their surroundings.

Persistence is another lesson, and anyone who has dealt with a annoying fly knows how persistent a fly can be. Persistence is however a great lesson to learn, seeing as not giving up means it is ever more likely that you’ll get what you are after.

Flies are known to eat decaying matter, which means whatever leftovers you have make a good offering. It should be noted that flies like to feed on sugary food, so rotting fruit could make quite the offering to the fly.

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