Monday, December 27, 2010

Eight Immortals

The Eight Immortals are known by many and a group of mostly males, with at least one female in the group and another, Lan Caihe, may be a female transvestite. Regardless of gender, each represent a different aspect of Taoist perfection.

The Eight Immortals are often depicted together and aren’t usually pictured with the gods and goddesses in Heaven. This group of people actually make their home at a legendary island known as Penglai. Their images can be seen in many places due to their popularity, the Eight Immortals are also revered with temples such as Eight Immortals Palace in Xi’an, South Palace (also called Eight Immortal Temple) found in Mu-cha in Taipei City, Taiwan and Xian Gu Tain found in Singapore.

Each of the Eight Immortals are even said to have a talisman of their own which can help them in some shape or form. There are quite a few legends around this group and it is said that simple having an image of this very group of people around is good luck.

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