Friday, December 24, 2010


I got thinking a bit about totems, but not just any totems but dinosaur totems specifically which have a tiny amount of data around on it. The specific dinosaur I got in mind is actually one of my favourite dinosaurs, the spinosaurus. I got myself thinking, what would most likely be the lessons of this dinosaur and why?

Ancient wisdom is most likely a lesson of many dinosaur totems, not just of the spinosaurus. Wisdom of the past is not very heard of but it is well known, there are many things known of the ancient past yet it is likely that there is many more things not known.

Mystery is probably another lesson many dinosaur totems teach, but I would imagine the spinosaurus would teach of the power of mystery even more so as there are many things we don’t know about this dinosaur. It is not just about the colours and behaviours of what spinosaurus took, it is also about the sail on its back. I would imagine that a spinosaurus totem would teach about mystery partly due to its sail, as people don’t know if it was for fishing, a cooling device or a sign to show sexual maturity.

I would also imagine that strength and power would be a couple lessons. Strength seeing as the spinosaurus would have had strong arms and claws which would have had been useful for attacking and grabbing other creatures. Power deals with more with power over others, due to the size of the spinosaurus it would have been an intimidating creature and would have appeared especially so due to its sail making it appear larger.

Another thing I imagine the spinosaurus totem would teach is to show weakness. The reason for this that the spinosaurus’ spines are known to have been fused to its vertebrae which was this creatures weakness, if it rolled over it would actually break its back and die. The sail was pretty much a weakness that was very much exposed.

With offerings to the spinosaurus many would probably say offer fish seeing as spinosaurus probably ate fish, then again, this dinosaur probably ate whatever meat it could have gotten which would have included other dinosaurs and crocodilians.

This is however only ideas of what this dinosaur totem may teach. There may be quite a few other things a spinosaurus totem might teach and these may not be what is taught. I would absolutely love if plenty of information about dinosaur totems were around, but it seems there are very few who have a pre-historic organism as a totem so speculation for lessons is likely to be around for some time.

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