Friday, December 17, 2010

Totems: Raccoon

The raccoon fascinates me and I do have respect for these ingenious creatures. Raccoons are the very creature with ingenuity, adaptability, creativity, curiosity, playfulness and dexterity. Curiosity should be pointed out in itself as it can be of great use to people but it can get people in trouble.

Distantly related to the bear, it is suggested that people with raccoon totem should study bear totem and as it was mentioned earlier, they have dexterity. Anyone who had dealt with a raccoon in person might know this very well as they can  use their hands to take off lids and open doors, making it very possible to get place to place and with ease.  Such dexterity is a reliable tool to any animal, giving the ability to literally open doors to opportunities in which may not be accessed without it.

Not only that but raccoons are also known for the mask on their faces, hiding secrets and even magical ability. The raccoon is indeed an expert, even a master, of disguise and secrecy and this is an important lesson as it can be important to mask oneself to disguise and transform seeing how people will need to know well how to act around people in situations such as with kids, friends, family and co-workers as different behaviours will be very much expected.

Raccoons themselves are known to be courageous yet also ferocious. If you see one it should be noted that there is probably is another raccoon around nearby as raccoons are sociable animals like humans and are seldom in solitary life.

Interesting fact, raccoons are fascinated by water and it is water itself that increases the sensitivity of their hands in which this increased sensitivity helps to feel food. Another interesting fact, raccoons will eat whatever food they can get their hands on but mostly stick to fruit and veg instead of meat or junk food. The high fruit and vegetable with little meat and junk food diet should really be practiced by more people, especially for those with a raccoon totem.

As offerings go it is probably best to go with fruits and vegetables with some variety. Meat should, if ever, be given on more of a special occasion and seeing as junk food is obviously not healthy I don’t recommend offering such a thing.

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