Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chinese Zodiac: Horse

And now it is all about Horse’s with their location in the zodiac being 7th. The Horse rules the hours of 11AM to 1PM and the month of June. Their direction is south, have the gemstone of topaz and the colours red and ebony. Their saying is “I control”. The latest born Horse’s were the Water Horse's between the 12th of February 2002 and 31st of January 2003 with the next Horse's to be born are to be Wood Horse's from January 31st 2014 and February 18th 2015.

Horse’s are not only active and energetic people but they are also agile both physically and mentally. Being mentally agile helps the Horse in being quick-witted and tend to have more cunning then of their high intellect. Overall, Horse’s are gifted people.

Horse’s are workers and knows a good thing or two about how to handle money. Unfortunately, these people tend to be kind of selfish and will tend to not to care for problems but his own. Although Horse’s work for themselves for their own success there is the upside of the work done by Horse’s benefiting many.
Interestingly, despite the selfishness, in love Horse’s will give up everything for who they love.

Horse’s enjoy being the centre of attention while at the same time are people who are honest and friendly with an open mind. These people are also known to be popular.
The allies of the Horse is the Dog and Tiger while their secret friend is the Sheep.

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