Saturday, December 11, 2010

Chinese Zodiac: Snake

The sixth animal to appear in the Chinese zodiac is the Snake who rule over the hours of 9AM to 11AM with its direction being of south-southeast and its month being of May. The gemstone of those born under the year of the Snake is opal, their colours red and blue and the motto of the Snake is “I feel”. The latest born Snakes are of Metal Snake who were born between 24th January 2001 and 11th February of 2002, with the Water Snake being the next Snakes to be born from 10th of February 2013 and 30th of January 2014.

Snakes are born charming and with popularity, nor will they be ignored, and despite this, this is the least of what Snake’s expects. Snake’s are known for their excellent manners and for not being deliberately outspoken.

Those born under the year of the Snake don’t waste time in gossip. Snake’s are intellectuals who think often and deeply. They are fast learners and when they make a mistake they will never repeat it.

Snake’s themselves rely highly on first impressions, their own feelings and on the advice and opinions of others. These people are very capable of lying yet they do not lie often, lying only when they know they can get away with it,

Male Snake’s are romantic and charming with a sense of humour while female Snake’s are usually beautiful and successful, while they’ll be jealous and possessive of partners. Snake’s take rejection harshly as it is a strike at the ego. This is how Snake’s are with love.

Snake’s are intelligent plus highly analytical in decision making, their analytical side prevents them from jumping into situations. They are however very effective at getting things done. Snake people tend to be materialistic with a preference to have the finest things around them.

Snake’s are private people who like their quiet, and are not great at communicating. The Snake will plot and scheme if needed to make things the way they want it to be.

Snake’s are also good with money and don’t have to worry much about their finances, yet they shouldn’t gamble as they can suffer large losses if they do.

The allies of the Snake is the Rooster and Ox while their secret friend is the Monkey.

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