Saturday, December 4, 2010

Chinese Zodiac: Dragon

The Dragon is the fifth to appear in the Chinese zodiac and is the mightiest of the signs. There hours are 7 to 9AM with the direction of east-southeast and the motto of “I reign”. The month of the Dragon is April and their birthstone is the diamond. The latest born Dragon’s were born between the 5th of February 2000 and 23rd of January of 2001, these Dragon’s are specifically known as the Fire Dragon’s and the next Dragon’s to be born are from 23rd January 2012 to the 9th of February 2013 and will be known as the Water Dragon’s.

Dragon’s themselves are usually successful and filled with ambition, unafraid of challenges and willing to take risks. Dragon’s are also passionate in what they do, and this can leave them feeling exhausted and even unfulfilled.

Dragon’s are born leaders and perfectionists. Irritable and stubborn people, too. These people are very willing to help others yet it is themselves who rarely seek help when needed. Dragon’s often have good advice and have opinions worth listening to.

These people are aggressive, intelligent and tyrannical. Dragon’s hate getting orders while fine with giving them. Dragon’s are quite the snobs, really, yet also very much loved.

The allies of the Dragon are the Monkey and Rat with the Secret Friend for the proud Dragon being the Rooster.

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