Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Chan Chu

Chan Chu, also known as the Lucky Money Toad, Three-Legged Money Frog, Three-Legged Frog, King Money Frog and simply as Money Frog/Toad. Easily recognisable by the fact she is a frog or toad with three legs, often seen with a coin in her mouth and it is common to see Chan Chu on top of either a pile of coins, ingots or a mirror used in Feng Shui, the bagua. Not only that, Chan Chu has flared nostrils and red eyes which show a frightening look.

The coin itself that Chan Chu holds in his mouth is a I Ching coin which have been used as amulets to ward off evil and disease, but also for good luck. The bagua which Chan Chu is commonly seen sitting on is for the encouragement of the flow a lovely thing called chi. The ingots Chan Chu is also seen sitting on is of a simple boat shape which symbolizes abundance and an easy life.

Chan Chu is also known to have a lovely symbol on its back, the pa kua, symbolizing protection. Not only that, frogs symbolizes wealth and with a protection symbol on its back, Chan Chu is said to help bring in money and protect it as well. Chan Chu is also said to help get rid of bad luck.

In Feng Shui, Chan Chu would be placed in the living room of a house or the main room of a business, specifically at the corner diagonally opposite of the entrance door as it is said corners are where chi concentrates and chi flow will be helped with this. This is said to be the best placement for Chan Chu.

 Another thing done in Feng Shui being Chan Chu placed facing out the entrance door during the day and facing inwards of the house in the late afternoon and night. This symbolizes Chan Chu going out during the day to fetch money and later coming back with it.
Two of these frogs may also be bought and placed by a front door, one placing inwards of the house and the other facing outwards. The one facing inside brings in money while the other collects the money.

Some people will even buy nine Chan Chu’s as it is said nine is the ideal number, with these frogs placed randomly all over the living room, all facing in different directions.

Symbolically, Chan Chu represents the moon goddess, Chang E, and is even said to live on the moon. The reason for Chan Chu living on the moon comes from the legend that originally Chan Chu was the wife of one of the Eight Immortals and a greedy person herself. It is said that Chan Chu stole the Elixir of Immortality from a goddess known as Queen Mother of the West. She was punished by being turned into a three legged from and sent to the moon.

Lui Hai, one of the Eight Immortals, is also said to have known of Chan Chu’s like for money and use a red line tied with gold coins to lure Chan Chu out from hiding. It is for this that frogs with coins symbolize the soon coming of wealth.

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