Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nirvana Day

Nirvana Day, also known as Parinirvana Day, is a holiday celebrated on the 15th of February but some celebrate it a few days earlier on the 8th. This day is the day where Gautama Buddha’s death is celebrated, but it is not a sad day as Gautama Buddha had became enlightened and because of this instead of being reborn he had achieved Nirvana.

This day is a day when the Nirvana Sutra (also called Paranibbana Sutta) is read out to many which describes the last days and death of Gautama Buddha. Not only that but during Nirvana Day is a time to honour the friends and family who have died while at the same time when people teach of the acceptance of the impermanence of life.

This day is also celebrated with meditation and by going to Buddhist temples or monasteries where food, clothes and money are given to the monks and nuns to help support them.

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