Saturday, June 11, 2011


Being ‘the virgin’ or ‘the maiden’, the sixth sign Virgo is a ‘negative’ and mutable sign. Virgo is of the element of earth and ruled by the planet Mercury. Green and dark brown are the colours of Virgo, with the sardonyx being stone.
Those who are Virgo are born between August 23rd and September 23rd.
Such people can be quite modest, even shy. Such people are however very reliable people to go to, making great friends. Virgo’s can be very worrisome people, and at times harsh. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Virgo’s are also at times overcritical.
Dignity and charm comes with those who are Virgo and in love affectionate. Just as they make good friends, Virgo’s make good spouses and even parents thanks to their affectionate nature.
The mind of those Virgo needs to continually get stimulus of practical problems that needs to be solved, rather having a routine. It is also intellect and ingenuity which Virgo’s contain. Virgo’s notably make good doctors, nurses and musicians.
Some people may even suggest to Virgo’s to become critics due to the pickiness and critical nature of Virgo. Virgo’s are also naturally practical, sharp minded and have great attention to detail. The attention to detail can be compared to the great eyesight of the hawk, or simply being cautious.

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