Friday, June 17, 2011

Totems: Australian Magpie

The Australian magpie is a bird which sings with a lovely voice, and it is its singing that this bird is well known for. The black and white plumage is what it this bird is also known for. Such a bird is also known to swoop at people, leading to some parks having warning sign during their breeding seasons.
Protection of one’s home is of the lessons of the magpie. One’s home is often called one’s castle, with one’s belongings within it, something worth protecting. Security and feeling secure is important, and one does need to take some measure to feel safe.
The magpie teaches to turn weakness into strength. Everyone has weaknesses, it cannot be denied. Such weaknesses can be turned into strengths, thus bringing benefits.
Being a vocal bird, it is no wonder the magpie teaches the power of song. It can be listening to song or even singing one. Songs can bring on many emotions and can spread many a message, whatever the emotion or topic may be.
To watch out for attack the magpie teaches, for those around you can always give a surprise with aggression. It is not only others that should have an eye kept on them, as one should take care attacking others behind their very backs.

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