Friday, June 24, 2011

Totems: Koala

The well known eater of eucalyptus leaves is the koala, whom sleep much of the day due to their diet. Thanks to their diet, koalas do not usually need to drink. It is such an animal that is widely recognized.
Taking time to relax is important as the koala teaches. Many people will not relax and simply stress out without thinking. Relaxation is needed in all life, one cannot simply work twenty-four seven without rest.
Tree magic and tree worship is notably of the teaching of the koala. To be in more forests, to plant a tree or two every so often. Being in trees is what the koala promotes.
Being a solitary animal, the koala is quite comfortable being on their own and being their own company. The koala teaches how it is okay to be in solitude, and that is okay to spend time only in ones company.
Good sleep is important, although many do neglect sleeping for various reasons. It may be work to late hours, partying or studying for school (especially for exams). Regardless, sleep is important and the koala takes note of this. Lessons on the importance of sleep is likely.

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