Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Garlic, botanical name Allium sativum, is the plant great at keeping aphids away, so it is popular to grow this plant near plants susceptible to aphid attacks. Magically this plant is known to be used in magic related to endurance, speed, strength, protection and even warding off evil.
Cloves are also only what’s needed for growing this plant, so when buying cloves at a store it is advised to buy organic garlic as it is more likely to grow. The leaves of this plant can also be consumed, which will grow back when cut.
Garlic is a biannual which should be planted around winter. Each clove should be planted a few cm under ground and eight to ten cm apart, with the pointed end of clove facing upwards. The ground the garlic is growing in should be kept moist, and the ideal pH is around 6.5.
Sunny and well drained areas are best to grow garlic. Weeds are best to rid of when they appear near garlic due to this plants dislike of competition.
This plant is ready to harvest when foliage has died off mostly or completely.

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