Friday, June 10, 2011

Totems: Donkey

An animal with a not so great reputation, yet great for taking the burden of weight of the back of people. It’s the donkey, and originally such a creature was a status symbol for their owners.
Donkeys are known to be able to get themselves out of situations, so it is not a surprise that the beast of burden teaches to question what is giving a challenge. When there is teaching of what is giving challenges, there is also the teaching of how to get progression and safely. Safety may not be the greatest of concerns, but it does help with avoiding unnecessary pain and conflict.
Donkeys won’t do what is seen as dangerous, for they trust their intuition. The donkey teaches of how one’s intuition should be trusted, how it should be listened too.
Patience and humility are considered virtues and desirable traits to have. To be both patient and humble is taught, along with being a responsible person. Being patient, humble and even responsible may not be on peoples lists of what to be, yet being so can avoid looking like an idiot or doing something stupid.
Carrying a load doesn’t have to always be alone, one can always get help. This is what the donkey totem gives lessons on, while a load may get carried for some time before help is given, strength and endurance is always around. Help may not be immediate, it may be embarrassing to get, but as long as there is someone close, there is always someone to help.

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