Saturday, June 18, 2011


Being the seventh sign, Libra is the scales. This sign is considered masculine, positive, of the four cardinal signs and of the element of air. The colour of Libra’s is blue, and their stone being the sapphire. Libra’s ruling planet is Venus.
Libra’s are born between September 24th and October 23rd.
Libra’s are quite the romantic sign, being also sociable people who are easy going and usually peaceful. Even charming idealistic, with a flirtatious side to them. While intelligent, Libra’s are easily influenced and gullible.
These people are great thinkers and make great artists. Due to their more creative side, it is no surprise that having a job that requires creativity is a good job for Libra’s. Due to Libra’s being people who enjoy justice, jobs that involve justice also make good jobs for these people.
Libra’s can be a little lazy, but generally energetic people who can make a good first impression. Libra’s are who are to be able to make a good judgement and have an even temper. It is the Libra who is loving and often compassionate.

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