Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gods And Goddesses: Liu Hai

Liu Hai is the god of wealth and prosperity who is depicted sitting upon a large three-legged toad known as Chan Chu. He was a minister and alchemist during the tenth century, becoming friends with Chan Chu so associated with.
Liu Hai is one who is often seen with the three-legged toad Chan Chu, and when the toad is not to be seen Liu Hai would use a string of coins to bait Chan Chu back. Liu Hai is said to even go to the local pond and fish the toad out with a coin tied to a string,
Story states that the two met due to Chan Chu causing havoc in the country side and Liu Hai used his sword to stop Chan Chu. The very toad lost his leg and gave servitude to Liu Hai, the two because inseparable.
Statues of Liu Hai sitting on the three-legged toad Chan Chu is commonly used in Feng Shui. Placement of statues would be in the living room and near the entrance door.

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