Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Roses are well known for their variety of flowers and their association to love. Roses make good use in love spells, but can be also be used for beauty, harmony, psychic, healing and luck spells. It is most often love spells to which roses are used. Roses can be made into wands and even into bonsai.
Roses is a shrub that typically grows 1.5m to 2m tall, loving sunny positions, rich organic soils and well-drained soils. There are fertilizers which are specifically for roses, and should be used as directed.
Spent flowers and dead wood should be removed as they occur.
If one is to grow roses companion plants is a great idea as it helps deal with pests and makes a garden look better. A few good companion plants for roses are lavender, garlic, and chives.
It should be noted that such pests roses have to deal with is aphids, thrip and green caterpillars. Diseases roses have to deal with are mildew and black spot.
Pruning is great to flower lovers as it promotes not only to encourage new growth but also an abundance of flowers in spring. Pruning should be done annually, and what is cut back should be thrown out to help prevent pests and disease.
The ideal time to prune roses is in winter, although in colder climates pruning is better to be done at the end of winter. Although for rose bushes that flower in late winter or early spring, pruning is to be delayed until flowering has ended, usually late spring or early summer.

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