Friday, June 3, 2011

Totems: Sheep

Sheep are the lovely creatures which provide so much warmth to people and is one of the earliest domesticated animals. Its domestication is thought to have been due to the use of having constant meat.
Lesson wise, seeking resolution to problems is one. One may be sticking at a problem, issue or situation for more then enough time. Whatever problems there may be, it is great to get the resolution and it should be done rather left alone.
Reminders to use the senses are likely, for it is the senses that helps all so much. This totem tells the power of the senses, how they shouldn’t be taken for granted.
The sheep totem teaches to look at all the sides before making a situation. To think carefully before choosing, as it is that making a mistake that is horrible is always there and making such a mistake may cause problems that are difficult to fix.
Patience is also often called a virtue, the sheep teaches to be patient and persistent. It is patience and persistence that gets people through obstacles. Obstacles are always there, and it does have to be faced, with patience and persistence being the way the sheep totem teaches to do so.

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