Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Thurisaz is the rune which takes on the representation of a thorn, even of a knife or fang. It rules over the hour of 14:30 to 15:30 and the fortnight of 29th July to 14th of August. This rune means “Boundaries” and the god associated with Thurisaz is Thor. The name of this rune is said to be the ancient title of the thunder god Thor, even the form of the rune itself is said by some to represent the hammer Thor possess.
To know one’s own limits is important, when Thurisaz appears upright during divination further importance on knowing one’s limits is needed. An upright Thurisaz even tells how hasty decisions made will be decisions worth regretting in the future. There is an indication that betrayal may be near, or at least having to defend oneself.
While inverted, Thurisaz tells that if there is doubt in action that such action should not be taken. Hasty acts is even suggested to have plenty of time to be fixed. Pausing to think of one’s situation is also of suggestion, as reflecting before cautiously proceeding will help.

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