Saturday, June 25, 2011


Scorpio is a feminine sign of the water element. The eighth sign of the zodiac which is negative and fixed. Pluto is the planet of Scorpio, with Mars being also considered the planet of this sign. Dark red is the colour of the sign, with opal the stone.
Scorpio’s are born between October 24th and November 22nd.
Scorpio’s are powerful people who are determined. Emotional and passionate, intuitive with a forceful side. It is the Scorpio who are secretive people, having a jealous side. Such people can be obsessive and compulsive.
With a great reasoning powers which is partnered with creativity and imagination. Scorpio’s can be rebellious in nature. It is this sign that is the sex symbol, with Scorpio’s being the passionate lover. Intense feelings is of what this sign feels.
Scorpio’s are able to take up any job they wish and do great at it. Any and all jobs is what’s suggested for Scorpio’s, due to the gifted ability to take up any job well.
Persistent in nature, presenting an unemotional air to the world. Scorpio’s ca seem very much cool and detached. Being deep and intense people, there is more to Scorpio’s than apparent. This is a sign of extremes and intensity.
These people are the kind who dominate and control others they view to be weak or anyone who allows them. On the other hand, Scorpio’s are those who treat those close and respected amazingly with kindness, generosity and loyalty.

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