Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gods And Goddesses: Tu Er Shen

Tu Er Shen, or Rabbit Deity/God, is the god of homosexuality and homosexual affections. A temple has notably been made to Tu Er Shen after a Taoist priest made spiritual contact with the very god in 2005. The temple is known as Rabbit Temple.
Tu Er Shen is the god to go to when looking for a homosexual lover, rather to the matchmaking god Yue Xia Lao Ren (who doesn’t deal with matchmaking same sex couples). Tu Er Shen will help followers in any aspect of life. It should be noted that during worship Tu Er Shen should be respectfully addressed Ta Yeh or Master, rather then Tu Er Shen or Rabbit Deity/God, due to how the term ‘rabbit’ is slang for homosexual.
Tu Er Shen was originally known as Wu, or Hu Tien Bao, who was a young official. A handsome and intelligent man, he had affections for another man. Upon being caught peeping on the man through a bathroom wall, Tu Er Shen confessed his love to which he was beaten to death.
A month passed until appearing in a dream of a man from his hometown, explaining what had happened after death. It was explained how Tu Er Shen’s unjust death was righted by being appointed by the gods of the underworld as protector and god of homosexuals. A shrine was erected in honour of Tu Er Shen and worship became popular.

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