Wednesday, June 8, 2011


From the fortnight of July 14th to July 29th and hour of 13:30 to 14:30 it is the time of the rune Uruz. This rune is the one meaning ‘ferocity’ and is of masculine power. Uruz is very much related to the now extinct bulls known as the auroch. The auroch bull is said to be the divine in association with Uruz. Male gods are also associated with this rune, especially with Thor.

If you need added vitality, you know when Uruz appears upright in divination that it is a good omen. However, respect to this vitality must be respected as regret may appear due to using too much force thanks to the very vitality.
Overcoming obstacles is what Uruz tells of, it however must be remembered that intelligence must be used along with strength.

An inverted Uruz tells of weakness, of fatigue either physical or mental. Health issues might be what needs to be taken a good look at, or even a review and change of lifestyle. Being overwhelmed by events might what Uruz suggests and care should be taken.

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