Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The first rune of twenty-four is Fehu and due to this is very much associated with beginnings. Fehu itself means ‘prosperity’. The divine cow known as Audhumla is considered the deity of this rune. June 29th to July 14th is the fortnight of Fehu and 12:30 to 13:30 is the hour.  

Fehu being a rune associated with prosperity, reputation, status and wealth, also of course cows. Cattle was also synonymous with wealth with ancient peoples, which is what creates the symbolism of prosperity with Fehu.
This rune is also considered both feminine and maternal.
In divination and seen upright, Fehu is an obvious indicator of prosperity. A profitable time may just be around the corner and one should also take whatever good fortunes that come by it should be taken with humility.
Possessions should also be looked after and resources should have an eye kept on.
However, when inverted Fehu indicates loss and likely a material possession. However, the loss will be made up in time.
Problems with conception or fertility may be indicated.

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