Friday, April 8, 2011

Totems: Rabbit

Rabbits are famous for their ability to have so many children in such a small amount of time amongst other things including its relation to Easter, the moon and of gods and goddesses (such as Chang E and Eostre).

Amongst its lessons, one is of vigilance as one doesn’t know what will happen in life. Keeping vigilant is useful, as keeping alert to one’s surrounding helps keep an idea of what’s going on and who’s around which can be of importance.

Fertility is an obvious lesson of the rabbit, it however does not necessarily relate fertility in the sense of creating babies. Fertility can very much relate to all life in general, it can be of a large tree dropping leaves (which fertilizes the ground and said fertilizing of the ground helps keep the tree healthy along with whatever close by plant there is). Such a lesson can make one ask, “Am I bringing fertility to this earth?” and there is always a way to bring fertility such as composting.

The rabbit teaches of fear and how it has to be dealt with. While fears are obviously of what one wouldn’t usually want to face, the need to face fear is always there and will be until the very fear is dealt with.

Agility and quick thinking is of the rabbit. Whomever who has seen a wild rabbit before knows they can move fast and act quickly. Being able to use one’s own agility and to literally think fast is useful even if not used often as the rabbit tells.

Examination of diet is of what the rabbit suggests. One may need to get a better diet and it is always a great thing to do. Taking a vegetarian diet like rabbits do themselves is to be tried, even if it is not for a long period of time.

Many fruits and vegetables can be offered to the rabbit, cilantro, carrots (especially the tops) and parsley would make great offerings. Hay and straw also make good offerings, the choice of hay being slightly green with a pleasantly fresh smell.

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