Saturday, April 9, 2011


The Qilin is a creature of good omen also known as Kirin and even Kyrin, being identified with giraffes after a voyage to East Africa by Zheng He, whom he brought back two giraffes to Beijing that were referred as Qilins. The Qilin is at times referred as having one horn and is even compared to the western unicorn.

The nature of the Qilin is quiet along with a vegetarian diet and it is said that it can walk on grass without disturbing it and on water. The appearance of the Qilin is of antlers like of what one would see on a deer, scales as one would expect on a fish or a dragon, a head like a dragon itself, hooves like of an ox and tail like a lion.

Although it appears as if a fierce creature it only attacks the wicked where they can use fire (which the Qilin is closely associated with), gore with its horns or even trample. The righteous is whom this creature protects and can tell innocents from guilty.
Story goes that Qilins only appear in an area with a leader who is just, wise and benevolent and when there is to be an extraordinary person to be born (with a legend being that a Qilin appeared just before Confucius was born).

In Feng Shui, Qilin statues are often placed at the entrances of houses as guardians and having it in one’s bedroom, kitchen or bathroom is not suggested.  Having a Qilin statue around helps deals with negativity within the household.

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