Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gods And Goddesses: Chuang Kong

Chuang Kong is a bedroom god who rules over the physical activities done within, such as changing the linen and folding sheets.  Worship of this god is often in the bedroom along with the worship of his wife, with the Lantern Festival a popular day of worship of the two.

His wife is the goddess Chuang Mu who is the bedroom goddess who rules over all that happens in the bedroom, with the two said to haunt some hotels and inns causing all sorts of trouble in bedrooms. The two are depicted often in traditional robes which is usually predominately red with Chuang Kong often sitting on the right and with Chuang Mu sitting on the left.

Whatever one’s problems are in the bedroom, love making, sleeping or getting better from an illness. Both Chuang Kong and Chuang Mu are a couple to go to, with tea, wine, rice, fresh flowers, fruit and incense offerings to make to this husband and wife. Remember to keep the bedroom clean and uncluttered to not offend.

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