Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sacral Chakra

Out of the seven chakras, the second chakra is the Sacral Chakra, which is also known as Swadhistana, Svadisthana or Adhishthana with the meaning being “One’s own abode”. The god of this chakra is Bramha and animal associated being the crocodile. The Sacral Chakra is represented by a white lotus in a crescent moon and six orange petals.

The colour of this chakra is orange, with emotions, creativity and sexuality being what the Sacral Chakra deals with. The Sacral Chakra governs the bladder, part of the lower intestine and the reproductive organs. Not only that, but pleasure is also governed, especially of pleasure from food and sexual desire. The sound also being of “VAM”.

This chakra is right above the Base Chakra (found at the tailbone), only two finger-widths above it at the sacrum.

When this chakra is balanced feelings are freely flowing and expressed without one getting over-emotional. Under balanced, being stiff and unemotional occur, with not being very open to people likely. Over balanced, being emotional at all times is to be expected.

Dancing and tai chi can help balance the Sacral Chakra, with a healthy emotional state helping greatly in balancing. Focusing on the Sacral Chakra during meditation is also of another way to create balance.

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