Monday, April 11, 2011

Australian Plants

Not all that long ago I’ve asked for and got given an Australian herb known as river mint (Mentha australis). The misfortune to getting this plant for free was that it was suspected that herbicide was used on it (despite the plant being wanted) along with being pulled up by who knows who and left on the ground for an unknown amount of time. Absolute fun knowing the low chance of growth.

There was luck with the river mint as it started growing, but so far the growth has been small and currently there are almost no leaf whatsoever except for the few tiny leaves that have recently came to be. And it is this plant that probably sparked an interest in growing native plants, especially a personal favourite known as silver princess (Eucalyptus caesia).

Currently, looking into places where buying seed and seedlings of native plants are of a great idea. There are two places of interest which I shall take a peek at when possible, and while at it, looking into the magical properties of Australian plants would be of idea.

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