Friday, April 22, 2011

Totems: Bilby

As Easter is coming up in the world one would easily expect people to talk about rabbits, chocolate and eggs, however, in Australia the talk of a certain little creature is likely to occur eventually this Easter. It is the bilby, one creature which is made in chocolate form and sold to try to help with the prevention of its very extinction.

As a totem, the bilby is one asking to confront fears, to have a look at one’s fears and question them. Why be afraid? How did this fear begin? Is there a way to deal with these fears?

How to be deeply connected with energies of the earth, of soil and of sand is a teaching of the bilby. It not only ends there, while it is taught to be connected with such energies, appreciation of such  beauty is a very much related lesson.

There is also the lesson of solitude. Being alone isn’t always have to be a negative thing, it can be a time to enjoy quiet and rest from social interaction. What all that goes on in the world, solitude for some time each day can be of benefit.

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