Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gods And Goddesses: Chuang Mu

Known as Lady of the Bed Chamber, Chuang Mu is the goddess of beds, the bed chamber and what happens there (sleep, sex, love and birth).  She is the husband to Chuang Kong, who is the god of bedroom and associated physical activities such as changing the linen and folding sheets.

Chuang Mu  is a love and sex goddess, but she is so much more. A goddess that resides over multiple aspects of what goes on in the bedroom that goes beyond sex and love making, it includes sleep, recovering from illness and dying. It is her help along with Chuang Kong’s that is sought after for anything dealing with problems within the bedroom.

Offerings of tea, wine, rice, fresh flowers, fruit and of course incense are what is made to Chuang Mu. While giving offerings to this goddess at an altar, keeping the bedroom clean and uncluttered is best to be done to not offend. Asking for aid from Chuang Mu  is best during the Lantern Festival.

Chuang Mu is often depicted in traditional robes that is often predominantly red and seated to the left of a traditionally dressed man who happens to be her husband.

Although a popular goddess along with her husband, it seems that in modern times there are apparently hotels and inns haunted by Chuang Mu and Chuang Kong where it is said they cause much trouble in bedrooms.

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