Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gods And Goddesses: Wen Chang

Wen Chang is he god of literature, books, writing, wisdom, education and learning. Having two attendants known as Kui Xing and Zhu Yi that are often besides him, with one being mute and the other deaf. Kui Xing and Zhu Yi are even said to be have formally part of Wen Chang. Although not associated with each other, Guan Yu is also the god of literature (along with god of war).

Originally starting out as a mortal man known as Zhang Ya Zi during the Zhou dynasty, he was a sage with the ability to predict the future and perform transformations. It was Wen Chang’s knowledge of Dao that caused him to be elevated to Heaven and to be enthroned in the Big Dipper. Wen Chang himself was assigned by the Jade Emperor to keep a log so that he can rightly reward and punish each person according to merit.

Praying to Wen Chang happens all year round (just on an auspicious date), but most often on the eve of Chinese New Year for the hopes of the blessing of their children with stronger willpower and diligence to study. Praying to Wen Chang on the eve of Chinese New Year tends to happen in the morning or a minute before midnight. Spring onions with roots, cloves of garlic with roots, celery with roots and dried yellow beans tend to be offered to Wen Chang.

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