Friday, April 15, 2011

Totems: Deer

Deer are quite gentle creatures whom seem quite the innocent animal, but have the power to defend itself fiercely. The lessons of the deer are of the more gentle of the deer that is usually seen.

Gentleness itself is obviously a lesson of the deer. Deer teaches to show gentleness and unconditional love towards all, all humans and all of other species. Even the harshest of people and non-human beings deserve to be shown love and gentleness.

Being powerful and peaceful is fine as the deer teaches. To be physically strong is what many wish to be, yet one can also be a peaceful person along with strong. It is the deer that tells that it is okay, as the deer itself is both.

To be aware of the world, watchful of what is around yet also cautious of who or what is watching you. The gentle deer teaches to be aware, watchful and cautious of the world. One can learn much from simply being aware.

Deer can eat much, yet can be picky eaters which can make giving a offering a little tough. Sweet fruits and nuts make a great offering to the deer.

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