Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Berkana is the rune with the fortnight of March 14 to March 30 which is of the spring equinox for those in the northern hemisphere while the autumn equinox for those down in the southern hemisphere. The hour of Berkana is 5:30 to 6:30 and the goddess associated with Berkana itself is Frigga.

The meaning of Berkana is of “Birth” and “Living Things”, with the meaning of “Living Things” especially so for vegetation and putting a knot for agriculture and this rune in connections.
Berkana is a very feminine rune due to the association with Frigga, giving further associations towards motherhood and the shape of Berkana, looking much like the letter B, actually suggests the shape of breasts.

The animals of Berkana being of the bear and the swan, with the humans being in connection with Berkana being wise women, healers and herbalists.  Berkana is said to mean either ‘birch tree’ or ‘poplar’ creating a tie between such trees and the rune, with the fir tree being another tree of Berkana.

In divination, when you see Berkana upright it indicates new beginnings and of good news, birth, fertility, even the rejoicing of family. Personal growth is likely which is of a most likely spiritual level but can growth of personal material.
Issues for women are also told of the upright Berkana but it relates to the easing of issues, and if a question about health is asked it is very much a good omen for the woman asking.

The inverted meaning of Berkana tells of worrying family news is of indication, the health of a relative may be declining or a celebration for one’s family may be cancelled or the very least postponed. If a health issue is not of the topic of the divination, it is likely that one is on a course to nowhere making it likely needed to go back to what is known as square one.

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