Friday, April 29, 2011

Totems: Fox

One very recognizable animal amongst cultures is the fox and is a totem to many people. The fox teaches of planning ahead, and of magic.

A lesson of the fox is of being adaptive and successful from such adaptation. Being able to adapt to multiple situations is something that may not be needed, yet greatly helps when needed. Success lies in being able to adapt to different situations based on one’s needs.

Magic is connected to the fox and the very creature teaches of the power of magic itself, especially the more feminine of magic. Magic is very much powerful and it may be just that more magic is needed in one’s life.

Camouflage and the awareness of the world around is a couple teachings of the fox. Being able to camouflage oneself is important for not only predators but also those who are hunted, something that allows one to hide more easily, to be less likely seen by prey. It is the awareness of the surrounding world that not only helps with adaptation but being able to camouflage oneself.

Planning ahead is of the fox. Telling of saving for later for just in case what isn’t planned. Planning ahead itself can save much trouble and taking a good look at one’s resources can be of help. The resources already there can be saved for later for one of those ‘just in case’ moments when all goes wrong.

Offerings to the fox can include a variety of meat, carrion and even fruits. It is the fox that is an omnivore and will take many foods as offerings.

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