Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lilly Pilly

Syzygium smithii is commonly called Lilly Pilly, with its former botanical name being Acmena smithii. A tree which can be used as hedging, it has ability to grow 6-18m tall and 3-10m wide. It grows small white flowers in the summer and bears small pink fruit that is edible.

Lilly pilly can grow in most soils, whether it is loam, sand or clay soil. It is able to grow in either full sun, half-sun or shade, giving allowance to grow in most gardens. Lilly pilly grows well near the sea, yet is not suitable to grow in areas that commonly have heavy frosts.

A naturally hardy plant that grows fast, but doesn’t tolerate drought or poor drying soils well. It fruits in autumn and winter, to which the fruit can be made into jams. Fruiting begins in two or three years, provided it is in full or partial sunlight.

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