Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gods And Goddesses: Rulers of Hell

Feng Du is also referred to as the Chinese Hell, where there are multiple courts and rulers to each.  And for each ruler, there is also a specific wrong-doing they deal with done by people.

Qin Guang Wang is the ruler of the first court of Feng Du. It is Qin Guang Wang who decides whom gets to go right through Feng Du, or have to suffer through it for one’s wrong doings. Originally, Yen Lo Wang had the position of Qin Guang Wang, but Yen Lo Wang didn’t punish people as harshly and so Qin Guang Wang took over the position.

Qu Jiang Wang is the ruler of the second court of Feng Du. He punishes depravity and perversion by people. Those who have taken liberties with people’s lives (incompetent doctors, kidnappers, etc) are also punished by this god.

Song Di Wang is the ruler of the third court of Feng Du. He is the punisher of people whom have been drug addicts, blasphemers and murderers.

Wu Guan Wang rules over the fourth court. Forgers, counterfeiters, cheats and family matters are dealt with by this god.  He runs what is known as the Black Pool Hell, with the black referring to the deep red of blood.

The god of death and the ruler of the Fifth Court of Feng-Du (realm of the dead with all of the levels of Hells), Yen-Lo-Wang, was the formerly the King of the First Court of Hell but was accused of leniency. The Jade Emperor put another King of Hell in charge of judgement while putting Yen-Lo-Wang to the Fifth Hell. Yen-Lo-Wang is however not just in charge of what goes on in the Fifth Hell (gouging and boiling), but he himself rules over the whole of Feng-Du. Interestingly, the Great Sage Equalling Heaven, Sun Wukong, wiped his name out along with names of all the other monkeys known to him in the Book of Life and Death which granted them immortality much to Yen-Lo-Wang's displeasure.

Bian Cheng Wang takes care of the sixth court of Feng Du. Punishment for sexual sins are punished. Liars, gossipers and slanderers also are punished by Bian Cheng Wang, with bad hygiene also what this god deals with.

Tai Shan Wang takes control of the seventh court of Feng Du, dealing with arsonists, deceivers, terrorists and traitors.

Du Shi Wang rules the eighth court of Feng Du where those who betrayed their religion are punished. Du Shi Wang shows how ones family is doing before sending off to the ninth court.

Ping Deng Wang, ruler of the ninth court, looks at your case before sending you off to the tenth court.

Zhuang Lun Wang rules the tenth and final court of Feng Du. He decides your fate before allowing for rebirth. The goddess Meng Po is also there, ready to give her brew to cause amnesia.

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