Friday, November 11, 2011

Totems: Peafowl

The peafowl is a bird known for the feathers of the male. Highly beautiful, male feathers can be difficult to obtain. The feathers of such a bird of thought to have protective powers and can be used in healing.

The peafowl itself gives lessons to look at beauty of life, to enjoy it. Beauty can be found in all aspects of life as this totem teaches, from plant life to animal life. Beauty if often somewhere close in one form or another.

Just as there is beauty within life, the peafowl teaches to laugh at life. Laugher is called a medicine by some, a blessing for the sick. Laughter may be much needed in one’s life, or simply understood as a useful tool of life. Regardless, laughing at life is at times of need.

To stand with pride, but not to allow pride to take over one’s ego, is of the peafowl. There is nothing wrong with having pride or confidence, but it is a problem to be overly prideful and overconfident. The peafowl teaches to be prideful and confident without either being too prideful or confident.

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