Friday, December 2, 2011

Totems: Penguin

Penguins are the swimming birds with well known black and white feathers. Although a bird, it cannot fly but rather is a great swimmer. Penguins also are able to jump out of water and land onto their feet.

The penguin totem teaches of lucid dreaming and astral projection. To harness the power of either or both may be difficult, but for the penguin it is useful. As a bird, the penguin is known to symbolically go inbetween worlds, from the land to sea and vice versa.

Being a bird of high specialisation, the penguin of course teaches the usefulness of specialisation itself. The most important factor of specialisation deals with career, although over-specialisation and under-specialisation may be issues that need to be raised.

There are times for work and times for play, or at least this is what the penguin tells. One cannot simply play all the time, nor can one simply work 24/7. It is a matter of balancing both out, as both is needed one way or another.

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