Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kidney Weed

Kidney Weed, Kidney Grass and Mercury Bay Weed are the common names of Dichondra repens, a plant that can be used as a ground cover. While it can be used as a lawn, it should be noted that it requires full sun. Its common name of kidney weed comes from its kidney shaped leaves, with the width size of 3cm.

Kidney weed is a perennial which grows flowers throughout the year but mainly in spring and summer. The flowers produced are small in size and coloured green. Moist conditions are ideal for this plant, but can grow in dry shaded areas (although areas of full sun and dry soil are disliked).

As a ground cover, it typically only grows up to 10cm tall and 50cm in width.  This allows for a lack of mowing. Tolerance to being walked upon is low to moderate, and as such walking on it should be avoided.

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