Friday, November 18, 2011

Totems: Sparrow

The sparrow is a small bird that is also one proving to be a common one. A successful bird proving size does not matter, but however is considered a pest today by someone.

The sparrow teaches of self-worth, to ask if one knows about one’s self-worth. Just as self-worth is taught to be known, a healthy self-esteem, dignity and empowerment are taught alongside such. Self-worth has special emphasis to the sparrow.

Being able to communicate, especially though voice, is taught by the sparrow. Even if one is not the loudest, the sparrow knows that one does not have to be the loudest to communicate. To this totem, being able to communicate is of importance.

In survival, the sparrow gives help with one’s survival instincts. This is done through sharpening intuition to allow for better making of proper choices. Assertion is also taught to allow for better survival despite whatever circumstances.

The power of numbers is the lesson of the sparrow. Safety can be gained by numbers, and closeness within the group that is formed. Being within a group and being close to one another can be intimidating, allowing for safety from those unwanted.

To be idle physically and mentally is taught to be avoided. The sparrow teaches to be fastidious and productive, to help assist in obtaining a full and healthy life. Vigilance is what the sparrow lets be known and understands that it can be quite useful.

Creativity is another aspect of the sparrow which is taught by this totem. However, rather teaching to use creativity in artistic means, the sparrow teaches to use creativity to get around in life itself, to solve and avoid problems, to help get ahead in life, to prevention problems from arising.

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