Monday, November 7, 2011


Recent weather dictates warmer times, with summer to soon arise yet again. To go out more often is certain, with weather itself needed to be more cloudless. However fine the weather proves to be of now, an ad viewed several days ago still stays within my mind.

The topic of violence against women is well known in Australia, with an ad of such a subject being twice seen by me. Curiously, thanks to such ads promoting the prevention of violence against women, people seem to forget violence in general should be prevented. People do agree violence should be prevented, but people seem to agree especially of violence towards women.

Violence itself isn’t a topic that rarely comes up in conversation in my experiences, regardless, the few times it has provided interest. Those of high age tend to view violence as whole to be unacceptable, rather towards a specific person unacceptable (it be of a certain sexuality, gender, age or ethnicity). People younger, of youth, seem to view violence in regard to gender out of anything else. If against a female, regardless of being a kid or adult, it is not acceptable. Against men is of interest. Either violence as a whole is seen unacceptable, or against men specifically fine.  Why a few seem to think violence against men is acceptable has never been explained to me personally. Sadly those I knew who held such a view are no longer within my life.

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