Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gods And Goddesses: Rhiannon

Rhiannon is a Celtic and Welsh goddess, whose name means “Divine Queen” or “Great Queen”. She is a goddess of inspiration, horses and the moon, whom is also considered a mother goddess by some. Rhiannon is known to have married a mortal king or prince of Wales, Pwyll, and is mother of a hero called Pryderi.

Legends state that Pwyll witnessed the arrival of Rhiannon, who was riding a white horse, where the best horsemen are sent after Rhiannon. However, Rhiannon was able to stay ahead of these horsemen and after several days, Rhiannon tells Pwyll she would marry him then her fiancé, Gwawl ap Clud.

Later the two conceive a boy, but on the night of the birth the boy disappears and Rhiannon is accused of infanticide and cannibalism. Rhiannon is thought to have committed the act, but the child is cared for by a couple whom claim the child as their own but is eventually learnt to be the actual child of Pwyll and Rhiannon.

After Pwyll’s death, a man called Manawydan was taken as husband. Rhiannon is also said to possess birds with the ability to raise the dead and to put the living to sleep.

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