Monday, November 14, 2011

Dealing With Time Restraints

When it comes to time restraints, life can be quite the nuisance; especially if it is a one time event that will put usual rituals done daily out of place. A hard hitter if unprepared or don’t have the time to put the rituals aside whether it be religious, training, study or practice.

On a personal level, I do two daily devotions a day, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. This also can be a challenge if anything needs to be done at the time of when the devotions typically happen, so knowing how to manage time is of importance. When what is normally done at a certain time of the day and something else is to be done at that particular time, it really is working around it one way or another. Events can be unexpected, so being prepared to do the norm at an unusual time, or if it is not vital, not at all, should be expected.

Within life, experience allows for understanding. Experiencing the stress of being restrained by time may be of great annoyance, but as it occurs time and time again stress becomes less of an issue.  Just as practice creates an increase in skill, dealing with the stresses of working around time restraints is turns into ease.

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