Friday, November 25, 2011

Totems: Eagle

The eagle is a bird found across the globe, with nearing sixty species of this bird to be found. Eagles are known for their physical strength and powerful eyesight and hearing, but its voice is small and weak.

This totem notes the sun and the greatness of it, with the eagle telling to be weary of giving too much focus on the night and moon. The sun is the source of incredible power and the eagle knows it.

Teaching to develop proper times to speak and how much to say. The eagle knows the greatness of the voice despite not having a large one, where this bird teaches that the voice is in itself great, even precious.

To be challenged and to allow to be challenged is of the eagle totem, where it is taught that continually challenging yourself is a positive aspect of life. It is from challenging oneself achievements can be obtained.

Connecting to the spiritual realms and staying connected to those realms is a teaching of the eagle. To the eagle, these realms are to be remembered and be kept in connection with.

Patience is considered a virtue, and as a bird of prey patience is needed by the eagle. Patience through some form of work is taught, whether it be finding or doing a job, doing a project or exercising for better health.

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