Monday, August 15, 2011

Coming Spring

Spring is soon upon the people of the Southern Hemisphere. Sunshine is slowly turning into the usual once again, with clouds and rain still of dominance for time being. The stalks of corn and sunflower plants are of waiting to be seen once again, yet only the present time is of a preventing factor to the sowing of seeds of such plants.
A couple days ago the seeds of snow peas were found while in an opened seed packet. According to the packet around now is a good time to sow the seeds of snow peas, however the seeds were supposed to have been sown before August 2007. To think such seeds were left to lie around for so many years in a packet. The seeds were placed into soil yesterday, now it’s a matter of being a game of luck and wait.
The current time being of to enjoy the warmth of a house and the words within books. The weather being of a nuisance still of those enjoying being outdoors, yet the coming spring is pleasing knowledge to remember.

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