Monday, August 22, 2011

Beauty of Nature

Nature in itself is a wonder filled with beauty, and such is what can be found within gardens. The wonder of botanical gardens, with plants by plants and is an area to be loved by botanists, horticulturists and aspiring gardeners alike. Plants from nation to nation can be found, Mexico’s Pineapple Sage, Banksia of Australia and oaks that would likely enjoy the climates of Europe.
Look at life, it is itself of curiosity. The extremes life can live is of utter amazement. Plants provide beauty, their survival can be just of amazement as extremity life lives within. The stress they survive. The odd angles some trees live at the seeming metaphorical laugh at gravity. The strange places they grow. From space on trees to soil at the gutter, as long plants are able to grow, the gist of intention is survival.
Winter it still is, with multiple trees having given the earth fallen leaves. A clever trick by the plant itself, letting leaves fall in cool weather to conserve energy for the upcoming growing season. Looking at the ground below one sees leaves, a mess to clean up to many, yet food for the tree that once used them. Slow decomposition by micro-organisms releases nutrients for the tree and nearby plants. Self-fertilisation is the second trick of the deciduous tree so easily forgotten.
Spring so near, plants have grown new shoots. While plants already give presentation through flowers, those plants who became lifeless are beginning to show that they aren’t so lifeless after all. Buds ready to let out leaves and stems, with plants already in growth. So young are the new growth, pests surely will eat it when possible.
Plants are known to be attacked or infested by pests, a worrisome problem to gardeners who so lovingly tend their gardens. Yet plants have found their ways to defend themselves from certain pests naturally, leaving companion gardening to allow for a natural ridding of those troublesome creatures. People have also used ingenuity to use the pest susceptible plant known as the rose as an early warning for pests. Multiple is the ways of defending against those problematic pests with plants as repellents, hands to rid of with labour and pesticide for those with a good day to use such a thing.

Nature is filled with beauty, with I being able to enjoy its very beauty yesterday at the Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens. It is a place to bring on thought to the philosopher, to create art in the medium of photography, to inspire gardens with no design. The thick trees give the power to impress. There is a multitude of plants to enjoy the sights of. It is the beauty through the natural world that seems to have great power over people. To protect the plants adored and loved. To grow them ornamentally or for practical use. Imagination is likely the limitation of what one does with plants.

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