Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gods And Goddesses: Tai Sui

The Tai Sui, or Grand Duke of Jupiter, are a group of sixty gods whose names are difficult to find all at once. They all rule over a certain year, depending on the Chinese zodiac (one rules over the year of the Fire Dragon, another Water Dog, etc), taking charge of the well being of the mortal world. Many have a military background and hence are sometimes referred to as the Military Generals, but at times referred to as the Cycle Gods and Lords of the Year and Age.
Offending the Tai Sui is taken in care to not be done, as it is this group of gods that are in charge of ones fortunes. It is the deeds that the Tai Sui note of people, as it is happiness, health, luck and fortune that the Tai Sui will affect.
Ones head is generally advised to not point in the direction of the Tai Sui of the year, as it is seen as a way to offend the Tai Sui, with protective amulets seen as a way to deal with this offence. The direction of the Tai Sui depends on the animal of the year:
North if year of the rat.
Northeast if ox or tiger.
East if rabbit.
Southeast if dragon or snake.
South if horse.
Southwest if sheep or monkey.
West if rooster.
And northwest if dog or boar/pig.
In worship, the particular Tai Sui of the year is worshipped usually once or twice a month, with an altar set up. Worship will generally begin on the ninth day of the first lunar month, with offerings of incense, food and drinks and the asking of protection against evil, inauspicious energies and of blessings. This will generally continue every full moon until the end of the lunar year where the Tai Sui of the year will be given thanks, worship may fall under any day throughout the year however, with many giving worship on the first and fifteenth days of lunar months.

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